'Nets' Netball is the fastest and most furious form of Netball played today.

Not only that but men are also allowed to play in 'men only' or 'mixed' versions of the game.

Games are played inside in high tension netted courts, so the ball never goes out of play, creating a faster paced game.

Please use the links above for general information about 'Nets' Netball and to see pictures of the current squad and teams in action

For specific information about rules and answers to all your questions refer to the Rules page or feel free to contact us.

See you on court.....

Along with England Netball, we are now pleased to announce that the two organisations (formally Indoor Netball Association (INA) England) have merge.

Nets is a recognised and authorised version of netball by the All England Netball Association AENA.

The Indoor Netball participants and stakeholders will continue to influence the development of the game through an Advisory Group reporting directly to the England Netball's Board. Click here for more information on NETS.

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